Your friends fall in love with stars or the girl from the parallel class. You're the only one who knows what it looks like inside of you. But that doesn't mean that nobody can help you. If you feel sexually attracted to children, with us you can find doctors and psychologists who listen to you. Free of charge and with patient-therapist confidentiality.
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Our Offer

We offer help instead of judging.

We offer help to adolescents, who experience sexual arousal by children. Our basic principle is: Nobody is responsible for his/her feelings, but everybody is responsible for his/her actions.

We offer help by providing therapy which will help you control your actions.

We offer help for everyone who contacts us and who is uncertain about his/her feelings.

We offer help – professional, at no charge and with full patient-therapist confidentiality.

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The Project

We are employees of the Institute for Sexology and Sexual Medicine at the Charité Berlin and employees of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Ward at the Vivantes Hospital am Friedrichshain.

We research sexuality. We take care of people who are seeking help. Either because they are just discovering their own sexuality or because they are looking for their sexual preferences, as they may have experienced disappointments, irritations or rejection on their way. They may be dissatisfied or unhappy with their own sexuality or also insecure about it.

We are willing to take the time that others wouldn’t be able to spare. We never judge anybody for their sexually arousing fantasies. And we offer help to all those, who want to take responsibility for not hurting others – neither physically nor mentally.

Our main guideline is that you are not responsible for your sexual feelings, but you are responsible for your actions. So do use our offer! It is free of charges and includes full patient-therapist confidentiality. Whether you are looking for help on your own or if you would like to bring your parents or someone you trust – we are fine with it.

For Adults

What we know: There are adolescents who have confusing sexual fantasies, e. g. fantasies including children.

How we know that: There are juveniles who have acted out some of their fantasies, who have become delinquent and are now in trouble with their families, guardians or even with courts. Others have seen pictures or watched films online which show sexual abuse of children.

What we want to achieve: Nobody should become an offender. Offending includes looking at child abusive images. We also want to prevent children from becoming victims. We want to achieve that adolescents don’t get thrown off course when they have problematic sexual fantasies – there is no need for this and we can help. We do not want the adolescents affected by this to be socially excluded.

Why we think, we can achieve this: Because we know how to prevent it. At the Institute for Sexology and Sexual Medicine, the “Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (meaning: dark field)” was founded, which is more widely known as “Kein Täter werden” or “Don’t offend”. Many affected men contacted this project. But it was and still is meant for adults. It is not really suitable for juveniles, since they still are developing physically and mentally. This is what we want to take into account in our project concentrating on adolescents.


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