Our Offer


Do you have feelings that confuse you or that you worry about, because they are different from the feelings your friends or classmates have? Certain images or situations involving younger girls and boys just won’t leave your head? They make you feel aroused or seem to magically hold your attention? That’s why you are worried and insecure? You are afraid to talk to your friends, classmates, parents or siblings about these feelings? Are you afraid of how they would react? Are you afraid of not being “normal”? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will talk to you and we will try to find a way to help you. And: not need to worry that someone is going to bully you or laugh at you. EVERYTHING you tell us, stays with us! Nobody else will find out! Check us out!


We will talk to each other a lot. You can talk to us about everything that makes you feel insecure – you don’t have to be scared of mockery or judgement. It is essential for us that EVERY SINGLE THING you tell us, stays with us. You can rely on us! Together we will try to find out what is upsetting you. Together we will have a look at your feelings and where they might come from. Together we will develop action strategies that will help you cope with confusing emotions in your everyday life. For this our whole network’s expertise is available to you. Use it!


You have learnt how to cope with your feelings. Now it’s time to prove yourself in your everyday life. But even now, we’ll beat your side. We want you to know that you are not alone! We will encourage you, if you’re afraid of failing. But we will also tell you, if we think you are doing something wrong or if we think, you aren’t taking things as seriously as you should. Because we believe that being honest to oneself and to others calls for much more courage and backbone than just having a big mouth.
Speaking of “being mouthy”: You can rely on our confidentiality. EVERYTHING you tell us, will be kept in confidence.